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Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
English Name: Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: France
Found Year: 1971
Address: 43 boulevard du 11 novembre 1918

Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University has attained excellence, both in the fields of higher education and research. High academic levels in a wide variety of subjects, from health sciences to science, technology and sport studies, mean that Lyon 1 can count itself among the best French and European universities.
Lyon 1 University welcomes you with courses and tuition tailored to the needs of modern society and industry. We offer more than 450 degree programs in Health, Sciences, Technology and Sports. 90 % of our students study in vocational courses and the university delivers more than 10 000 diplomas each year.
Last year, 46 141 students attended courses at Lyon 1, of which 10,3 % were foreign students, from 140 different countries.
For Lyon 1, the development of the quality of tuition is a top priority. This development is the work of a specific department: a national and European leader in the field of accompaniment of teachers. Educational innovations (serious games), multimedia resource creation (3D animations) or the development and use of a educational web platform (Claroline Connect) are different illustrations of their work.
Research conducted in the 65 scientific laboratories of Lyon 1 University generate 5000 international publications a year as well as 31 patent registrations, making Lyon 1 the first French university for patent registrations.
Lyon 1 University has 14 sites throughout the French Rhône-Alpes region. Our university greatly contributes to the regional development through its partnerships with local and national firms, as well as regional political institutions.
Lyon 1 University offers an active and rewarding student experience; offering a wide range of cultural, sporting and physical activities. More than fifty clubs on the different campuses reflect the liveliness and quality of student life at Lyon 1. Our university’s main sites in Lyon also offer the opportunity for participation in cultural and sporting events that take place around us in our dynamic European city. Lyon is a classified UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also a city that continues to evolve, looking resolutely towards the future. Houses, companies and leisure areas make every district a bustling area.
All-in-all, Lyon is an outward looking city where life is pleasant and nature is never far away. Lyon 1 University contributes to this dynamic city, being highly committed to the development of international partnerships on every continent.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Mathematics and Social Science (Mass)
           Automatic and Industrial Data
           Building and Construction
           Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
           Computer Systems and Software
           Earth and Environment
           Economics and Management
           Electrical Engineering, Process Engineering (Gegp)
           Electricity and Electronics
           Energy and Hvac
           Environmental Protection
           Food Industry, Food
           Industrial Production
           Library Resources and Databases
           Management of  Industrial Production
           Management of  Organizations
           Mathematics and Management
           Mechanics and Civil Engineering
           Metal Processing
           Natural Areas
           Plastics and Composites
           Productions Animales
           Products Various Productions
           Public Works
           Purchases and Sales Abroad
           Rehabilitation Sciences
           Science and Technology of  Sport and Physical Activity
           System Maintenance Multi-Technical
Master's Degree Programs
           Analysis and Control Physicohimiques
           Business School Education, Training and Culture
           Disability and Autonomy
           Earth Sciences
           Economy and Management
           Ecosciences, Moicrobiologie
           Education and Dissemination of  Experimental Science
           Education and Public Health
           Electronics, Electrical, Automatic Processes
           Engineering For Health and Medicine
           Engineering Training Educational, Technical and Professional
           Environmental Risks and Industrial and Urban
           Genetics and Cell Biology
           History, Philosophy and Science Education
           Information Science and Libraries
           Integrative Biology: Physiology and Neuroscience
           Material Sciences
           Mathematics and Applications, Mathematical Engineering
           Mechanics, Energetics, Engineering, Acoustics (Mega)
           Medication Sciences
           Micro and Nanotechnologies
           Public Health
           Quantitative Economics
           Science and Technology of  Sport and Physical Activity
Engineering Degree Programs
           Applied Mathematics and Modeling
           Biomedical Engineering
           Industrial Systems
Doctoral Programs
           Chemistry, Processes, Environment
           Computer Science in Lyon
           Economics and Management
           Educational Sciences, Psychology, Information and Communication
           Electronics, Electrical, Control of  Lyon
           Evolution, Ecosystems, Microbiology, Modeling
           Interdisciplinary Science-Health
           Materials of  Lyon
           Mechanics, Energetics, Civil Engineering, Acoustics
           Molecular Biology, Cellular and Integrative
           Neuroscience and Cognition
           Physics and Astrophysics of  Lyon

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