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Ecole Normale Superieure - Lyon
English Name: Ecole Normale Superieure - Lyon
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: France
Found Year: 1880
Address: 15 parvis René Descartes

ENS de Lyon is an elite French public higher education institution that trains professors, researchers in the academic system through fundamental research. ENS de Lyon has also become a reference center for Educational Sciences. Our campus welcomes students and researchers with 78 nationalities from all over the world.

Students design individualized programs and sign a study contract. They split their time between training and research in sciences and humanities (from Bachelor’s to PhD). They benefit from an exceptionally high level of supervision with a team of over 500 teacher-researchers, as well as introductory research courses in our 30 laboratories and platforms, international networks.... Master’s degrees in English and double international degrees allow our students to follow a unique curriculum.

Located in an internationally recognized center of excellence in health, chemistry and human sciences, the ENS de Lyon is home to numerous research laboratories in the fields of exact sciences, social sciences and the humanities. Research at the ENS de Lyon encourages exchanges between subject areas and culture, or private sector partners. Specific structures host projects involving both visiting and permanent researchers with the aim of developing its international academic community on campus. 

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           In Computer - Computer Specialization Basic
           In Mathematics - Basic Mathematics Course
           Mention Biology - Basic Biology Course
           Mention Earth Sciences - Course Sciences Earth And Planetary
           Physics Or Chemistry Mention Mention - Course Material Sciences
Master's Degree Programs
           Arab Studies
           Archeology And History Of Ancient Worlds
           Arts, Sciences Arts
           Chinese Studies
           Cities And Societies
           Comparative Literature And Francophonie
           Construction, Communication And Appropriation Of Scientific And Technical Knowledge
           Contemporary East Asia
           Culture And Creativity Of Design: Design And Complexity
           Cultures Of The Written And Image
           Currency, Finance, Governance
           Director Of Research Institutions And Knowledge Dissemination
           English Studies
           Film And Video Studies
           French Language
           French Literature
           Fundamental Cognitive Science
           Germanic Studies
           Hispanic And Lusophone Studies
           History And Archeology Of Medieval Societies Compared (Christian And Muslim Worlds)
           History Of Philosophy
           History Of Political Thought
           Interface Nature And Society
           Italian Studies
           Languages, Literature And Civilization Of Ancient Worlds
           M2 Pro Arabic
           M2 Pro English
           M2 Pro German
           M2 Pro: Economic And Social Sciences
           M2 Pro: Geography
           M2 Pro: History
           M2 Pro: Music
           M2 Pro: Philosophy
           Modern And Contemporary History
           Museology And Visual Culture
           Music And Musicology
           Research In Information Science And Communication
           Research In Linguistics
           Slavic Studies
           Sociological Research
           Specialization Physics Or Chemistry
           Specialty Advanced Math
           Specialty Fundamental Computer
           Specialty Paleontology, Sedimentology, Palaeoenvironment
           Specialty Physics And Chemistry Of The Earth And Planets
           Territorial Systems, Decision Support, Environmental
           Theatre Studies
Doctoral Programs
           Action, Speech, Political And Economic Thought (Triangle) - Umr 5206
           Astrophysics Research Center Of Lyon (Cral) - Umr 5574
           Centre Elias - Umr 8562
           Centre For Cognitive Science Epistemology
           Centre For Studies And Comparative Research On Creating Ea 4160
           Centre For Study And Research On The West Roman (Ceror) - Ea 664
           Chemistry Laboratory - Umr 5182
           Communication, Culture And Society (C2So)
           East Asia Institute (Cai) - Umr 5062
           Environment, City, Company (Evs) - Umr 5600
           Functional Genomics Institute Of Lyon (Igfl) - Umr 5242
           Geology Laboratory Of Lyon: Earth, Planets, Environment - Umr 5276
           Group Analysis And Economic Theory (Gate) - Umr 5824
           History And Archeology Of Medieval Christian And Muslim Worlds (Ciham) - Umr 5648
           Institute Of History Of Classical Thought - Umr 5037
           Institute Of Humanities (Ish) - Ums 1798
           Institute Of Slavic Languages ​​And Cultures - Ea 3708
           Interactions, Corpus, Learning And Representations (Icar) - Umr 5191
           Interdisciplinary Research Seminar On Medieval Spain (Sirem) - Gdr 2378
           Laboratory Of Molecular Biology Of The Cell (Lbmc) - Umr 5239
           Laboratory Of Parallel Computing (Lip) - Umr 5668
           Laboratory Of Plant Breeding And Development (Rdp) - Umr 5667
           Literature, Ideologies, Representations In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries (Read) - Umr 5611
           Nmr Facility At High Field (Lyon Crmn) - Fre 3008
           Physics Laboratory - Umr 5672
           Research Group Socialization (Grs) - Umr5040
           Research Laboratory Historic Rhone-Alpes (Larhra) - Umr 5190
           Transdisciplinary Laboratory Joliot-Curie (Clj) - Usr 3010
           Unit Of Human Virology (Viro) - Umr S 758
           Unit Of Pure And Applied Mathematics (Umpa) - Umr 5669

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