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Gifu University
English Name: Gifu University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: Japan
Found Year: 1949
Address: 1-1,Yanagido

Ideals and Aims of Gifu University


Blessed with abundant nature and referred to as the country of seiryu (clear water), for historical and geographical reasons, the Gifu region has developed and passed down a diverse culture and technology that brought eastern and western cultures together. Having inherited these attributes from the Gifu region, Gifu University trains students, who will later actively participate in society. We provide a place where students learn, explore, and contribute in an environment conducive to exploration and growth. The university has adopted the principle that it is an integral part of a local community, serving as an institution that learns, explores, and contributes.

Applying the distinguishing feature of having all undergraduate and graduate programs located on a single campus for educational and research activities, Gifu University provides an education focused on training highly skilled professionals. We are committed to conducting high-quality research that is the foundation of that education and to achieving internationalization rooted in the local community. As a core hub for reinvigorating local communities, the university also plays a role in regional revitalization through such efforts as providing local communities with the benefits derived from the above activities.



Gifu University promotes learning based on the students own efforts. It has reinforced its education quality verification system, trains highly skilled professionals, and undertakes community-based "Teach for Communities" activities. By introducing courses on design ideas in its science and technology Master's programs and stressing liberal arts-based general education, the university strongly promotes the training of students who support innovation. Other priorities include the development of medical education that meets international standards.


Gifu University consistently engages in high-quality research activities, and this forms a foundation for the education it provides. As a key element in these efforts, the university aims to serve as an advanced research hub in its unique research fields in the life sciences, environmental studies, and manufacturing fields, and it relies on its particular strengths to provide society with the benefits obtained from its activities.


Gifu University undertakes not only internationalization rooted in the local community, but also glocalization by providing the benefits of internationalization to the local community. The university promotes various policies that lead to internationalization. These include creating a multicultural international liberal arts course, organizing and expanding programs that bring Japanese and international students together, and reinforcing support for internatioal students gaining employment opportunities.

4. Social Contribution

Gifu University supports the local community by conducting local community-oriented education and research and promoting internationalization. In particular, for its COC (Center of Community) projects, the university is increasing the quantity and improving the quality of its efforts to promote regional revitalization by forming a COC consortium to expand collaboration with local governments, local enterprises, and other universities both in and outside the prefecture. The university is also further expanding its function as an advance medical hub within the local community. This effort is centered on the University Hospital and promoting efforts that contribute to the local community through collaboration with Gifu Prefecture.

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