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Jagiellonian University
English Name: Jagiellonian University
Region: Eastern Europe
Country/Region: Poland
Found Year: 1364
Address: Gołębia 24

The Jagiellonian University is a public higher education institution, a self-governed university, which is run in accordance with a legal Act, the Statute, and according to traditional customs.The mission of the University is to educate foster culture in society and carry out scientific research. Due to its own activity and personal example of academic society members, the University prepares mature, self-reliant people for the home country, who are ready to solve everyday problems, which the modern life brings up. The University not only takes part in development of science, health protection, art and other fields of culture but also educates and up-brings students and academic personnel according to ideas of humanism and tolerance, spirit of respect for truth and hard work, the law and justice, human dignity, patriotism, democracy, honour and responsibility for Society and Homeland. The University operates by keeping constant contact with local and foreign research institutes, community centres, education and didactic institutions, cultural and economical units and also health care centres. The Jagiellonian University is one of the oldest universities in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe. Throughout its existence it has educated the Polish elite. Many of the university graduates have also contributed to the development of the European culture and science. Among them are: Nicolaus Copernicus, the man who “moved the Earth and stopped the Sun” and Karol Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II, one of the greatest authorities of the 20th century. The university cultivates its tradition and is proud of it. Yet, simultaneously, it is constantly developing. It is able to link the past with an openness to new ideas and discoveries. Today it is a modern research and teaching centre which provides outstanding conditions for students and academic researchers to develop their skills and interests. The Jagiellonian University is made of 16 faculties located in both historic medieval buildings in the city centre as well as in modern sites constructed on Campus in the last few years. The University runs about 177 specializations and 94 courses of study in the humanities and sciences. Studies are grouped into three levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral. There are almost 40 000 students and over 4000 academic teachers. Kraków’s Alma Mater occupies a significant position on the academic world map. It is an important partner for over 200 famous international universities and academic research institutions. The Jagiellonian University attracts more and more international students for whom programmes are run in foreign languages. Today’s Jagiellonian University perfectly links dignity of tradition with the challenges of the modern world. It is also an important centre of intellectual and cultural life in Kraków. The Jagiellonian University organizes numerous concerts, exhibitions, lectures and meetings with distinguished academics and organizes international symposia and conferences. The most unique large-scale projects run by the Jagiellonian University include the Jagiellonian Centre for Experimental Therapeutics, Małopolska Centre for Biotechnology, Molecular Biotechnology for Health, OMICRON, and Synchrotron Radiation Centre "Solaris".

Total Enrollment:198165
           International Students:1333(0.7%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:173445
           International Students:245(0.1%)
Graduate Enrollment:24720
           International Students:1088(4%)


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