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Kobe University
English Name: Kobe University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: Japan
Found Year: 1902
Address: 1-1 Rokkodai-cho, Nada-ku

Since its foundation in 1902, Kobe University has encouraged an enterprising spirit and independent thinking among all its faculty, students and staff. While upholding its traditions, the University is committed to the creation of knowledge and new values through interdisciplinary approaches, and to solving the issues facing our society. Kobe University vigorously pursues academic endeavor in the exploration and practice of novel theories under the spirit of "integrity, freedom, and cooperation".


As one of the most comprehensive universities in Japan, with departments covering the humanities, social, natural, and biomedical sciences, Kobe University promotes academic innovation in collaboration with other universities, research institutes, and industries in Japan and abroad. The Organization for Advanced and Integrated Research of Kobe University serves as a core structure for the pursuit of cutting-edge research, encompassing 29 research projects across a wide range of disciplines.


With more and more researchers gathering here from around the world, Kobe University is focusing on ways to strengthen ties with international partners who share our values. As of today, we have over 350 exchange agreements with foreign institutions, and our nine overseas offices, located across four continents, play a major role in facilitating such global partnerships.


2019 marked the 100th anniversary of our Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, where researchers now pioneer the digitization of pre-modern manuscripts. Last year we also established three  centers to enhance multidisciplinary activities for our flagship projects: the Research Center for Membrane and Film Technology (formerly part of the Graduate School of Engineering), the Center for Maritime Education and Research, and the Center for Advanced Medical Engineering Research & Development. In 2020, we have established the SDGs Promotion Office to enable us to contribute our expertise in education and research towards the achievement of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We also set up Kobe University Value School, which aims to develop value creation strategies to provide new technologies and services that meet the needs of future society.

With these new organizations and initiatives the University aims to provide solutions to the challenges facing our changing world.

Total Enrollment:16027
           International Students:754(5%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:11866
           International Students:105(0.9%)
Graduate Enrollment:4161
           International Students:649(16%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
           Animal Science
           Area Studies
           Basic Allied Medicine
           Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
           Biofunctional Chemistry
           Biological and Environmental Science
           Business Administration
           Cargo and Transportation Science
           Chemical Science and Engineering
           Civil Engineering
           Cognitive Studies
           Computer and Systems Engineering
           Contemporary Culture and Society
           Department of Rheumatology (Contributed Chair)
           Earth and Planetary Sciences
           Electrical and Electronics Engineering
           Environmental Energy Science
           Human Behavior
           Human Communication and Information Science
           Human Development and Education
           Human Environmental Science
           Human Expression
           Intercultural Communication
           Internal Medicine
           Internal Related
           Marine Information Science
           Maritime Safety Management
           Maritime Technology Systems
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medical Technology
           Occupational Therapy
           Ocean Mechanical Engineering
           Physical Therapy
           Physiology/Cell Biology
           Plant Resource Science
           Social Culture
           Social Medicine
           Surgery Related
Graduate Programs
           Administrative Law
           Advanced Communication
           Advanced Computational Science
           Advanced Legal Areas
           Agricultural Engineering
           Agroenvironmental Biology
           Algebra and Geometry
           Anglo-American Law
           Animal Science
           Applied Chemistry
           Applied Chemistry In Bioscience
           Applied Computational Science
           Applied Mathematics
           Applied Optics
           Applied Robot Science
           Architectural Environmental Engineering
           Architectural Planning History and Theory
           Art & Culture and Society
           Art History
           Art Theory
           Asia-Pacific Culture Studies
           Asian History
           Astronomy and Planetary Sciences
           Atmosphere-Ocean Environment Sciences
           Bankruptcy Processing Law
           Behavioral Development
           Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
           Biomolecular Organization
           Biosignal Transduction
           British and American Literature
           Chemical Engineering
           Child Development
           Chinese Law
           Chinese/Korean Literature
           Civil Law
           Civil Law
           Civil Procedure
           Civil Procedure
           Civil Proceeding
           Commercial Law
           Community Health Sciences
           Comparative Economic Policy
           Comparative Law
           Comparative Studies of Civilization and Culture International Relations and Comparative Politics
           Computational Biology
           Computational Chemistry
           Computational Engineering
           Computational Intelligence
           Computational Mathematics
           Computational Robotics
           Computer and Communication
           Computer and Information
           Condensed Matter Physics
           Constitutional Law
           Contemporary Social Issues
           Cooperative Division
           Cooperative Division
           Cooperative Division
           Cooperative Division
           Corporate Law
           Criminal Law
           Criminal Procedure
           Criminal Proceeding
           Cultural Anthropology
           Cultural Resourcing Studies
           Design and Manufacturing
           Developmental Biology
           Diplomatic Political and Intelligence History
           Earth and Planetary Atmospheric Science
           Economic Development and Policies
           Economic Law
           Economic Law
           Election System
           Emergent Computing
           Engineering of Building Structures
           Engineering of Environmental Symbiosis
           Engineering of Human Safety and Security
           Environmental Law
           European and American Culture Studies
           European and American History
           European Literature
           European Political History
           Expressive Culture
           Food and Environmental Economics
           Geological Sciences
           Geophysical Sciences
           Health Promotion and Education
           Historical Analysis
           History of International Politics
           Human Communication,
           Industrial and Social Policy
           Information Systems
           Inorganic Chemistry
           Insurance Law
           Integrated Information Systems
           Intellectual Property Law
           Intelligent Systems
           Internal Medicine
           Internal Related
           International Cooperation Policy Studies
           International Economic Law
           International Economic Policy
           International Health
           International Law
           International Relations
           International Trade Law
           Japanese Culture Studies
           Japanese History
           Japanese Legal History
           Japanese Literature and Language
           Japanese Political History
           Kansei and Media Art
           Knowledge and Information Processing
           Labor Law
           Labor Law
           Language Education Contents Studies
           Linguistics and Communication Studies
           Living Environment
           Management Theory In Practice (Mtp)
           Marine Engineering
           Maritime Logistics Science
           Maritime Management Science
           Mathematical Logic and Statistics
           Mathematical System Analysis
           Mathematics and Informatics
           Mechanics and Physics of Materials
           Media Informatics
           Medical Law
           Merchant Law
           Modernity Studies
           Molecular Pharmacology
           Monetary and Public Policy
           Natural Environmental Science
           Nonlinear Science
           Optimum System Design
           Organic Chemistry
           Parallel Algorithm and Software
           Particle Physics
           Philosophy of Law
           Physical Chemistry
           Physical Electronics
           Physiology/Cell Biology
           Planetary Material Science
           Plant Science
           Policy Process Theory
           Political Process Theory
           Political Science
           Principles of Social Sciences
           Private International Law
           Processor Architecture
           Professional Public Law
           Professional Transaction Law
           Psychological Development
           Quaternary Environment Sciences
           Regional Cooperation Studies
           Rehabilitation Science
           Roman Law
           Russian Law
           Russian Law
           Science of Education
           Scientific Visualization
           Social Environment
           Social Medicine
           Social Security Law
           Sociology of Law
           Sociology of Law
           Software Science
           Spatial Design
           Sport Sciences
           Statistics and Econometric Analysis
           Support For Human Development
           Surgery Related
           System Analysis
           Systems Control
           Systems Design
           Systems of Second Language Education
           Systems Planning
           Tax Law
           Technological and Environmental Analysis
           Theoretical Analysis
           Theoretical Physics
           Theory of Contemporary Politics
           Thermo-Fluid Dynamics
           Voting Behavior
           Western Legal History

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