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Niigata University
English Name: Niigata University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: Japan
Found Year: 1949
Address: 8050,Ikarashi 2-no-cho,Nishi Ward

Founded in 1949, Niigata University is a Japanese national, comprehensive university located in Niigata City, Japan. It has nine undergraduate faculties, five graduate schools as well as two professional schools in humanities, education, law, economics, science, medicine, health sciences, dentistry, engineering, and agriculture. The university also houses two research institutes and the university hospital. Blessed with abundant natural beauty characteristic to northern Japan, our two campuses offer students and researchers an ideal environment for pursuing their academic goals.


The ideals of Niigata University shall be those of autonomy and creation based on the traditions of simplicity and modesty fostered in the lofty ambition (we call it "earth of Koshi") and the enterprising spirit of a port city opened to the world, and the university shall have contribution to the steady development of the region and the world through education and research as its purpose.

In order to realize these ideals and achieve its purpose:

1. The university's fundamental educational aim shall lie in its acquisition of a wealth of culture and a high level of expertise through carefully selected curricula to accurately address the issues of the day, and the nurturing of talented people to play a wide range of roles.

2. The university's fundamental research aim shall lie in its inheritance of intellectual assets in traditional academic fields while promoting cross-field research capitalizing on the special characteristics of the university and creative research having value in the eyes of the world.

3. The university's fundamental aim in contribution to society shall lie in its support for the development of regional and international society, as a key institution of education and research in the Northeast Asian area as a core component, through medical treatment and collaborative activities between industry, government and academia.

4. The university's fundamental management and operation aim shall lie in its continued reform efforts aiming for the most suitable kind of administration, in order to preserve legitimacy as a university having the support of the citizenry.

Total Enrollment:12532
           International Students:210(2%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:10218
           International Students:55(0.5%)
Graduate Enrollment:2314
           International Students:155(7%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Bachelor Of Agriculture- Agrobiology
           Bachelor Of Agriculture- Applied Biological Chemistry
           Bachelor Of Agriculture- Production And Environment Science
           Bachelor Of Arts
           Bachelor Of Economics
           Bachelor Of Education
           Bachelor Of Engineering -Biocybernetics
           Bachelor Of Engineering -Chemistry And Chemical Engineering
           Bachelor Of Engineering -Civil Engineering And Architecture
           Bachelor Of Engineering -Electrical And Electronic Engineering
           Bachelor Of Engineering -Information Engineering
           Bachelor Of Engineering -Material Science And Technology
           Bachelor Of Engineering -Mechanical And Production Engineering
           Bachelor Of Fine Arts
           Bachelor Of Health And Sport Sciences
           Bachelor Of Health Sciences
           Bachelor Of Human Sciences
           Bachelor Of Laws
           Bachelor Of Living Sciences
           Bachelor Of Music
           Bachelor Of Oral Health And Welfare
           Bachelor Of Science In Nursing
           Bachelor Of Science- Biology
           Bachelor Of Science- Chemistry
           Bachelor Of Science- Environmental Science
           Bachelor Of Science- Geology
           Bachelor Of Science- Mathematics
           Bachelor Of Science- Physics
           Doctor Of Dental Surgery
           Doctor Of Medicine
Master's Degree Programs
           Master Of Agriculture
           Master Of Arts
           Master Of Biomedical Science
           Master Of Business Administration
           Master Of Economics
           Master Of Education
           Master Of Engineering
           Master Of Health Sciences
           Master Of Laws
           Master Of Management Of Technology
           Master Of Oral Health And Welfare Science
           Master Of Philosophy
           Master Of Philosophy
           Master Of Public Administration
           Master Of Public Management
           Master Of Science
Doctoral Programs
           Doctor Of Laws
           Doctor Of Philosophy
           Doctor Of Philosophy
           Doctor Of Philosophy
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Dental Science)
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Health Sciences)
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Medical Science)
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Oral Health And Welfare Science)
           Doctor Of Philosophy In Agriculture
           Doctor Of Philosophy In Economics
           Doctor Of Philosophy In Education
           Doctor Of Philosophy In Engineering
           Doctor Of Philosophy In Literature
           Doctor Of Philosophy In Science
           Juris Doctor

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