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Osaka University
English Name: Osaka University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: Japan
Found Year: 1931
Address: Yamadaoka 1-1

Rooted in Kaitokudo and Tekijuku, Osaka University (OU) was founded in 1931 through the passion of the people of Osaka. Since this beginning it has developed into establishment of scholarships and education, with the motto, “Live Locally, Glow Globally”. 2021 marks 90 years since Osaka University was founded.

Today, Osaka University, with the incorporation of Osaka University of Foreign Studies, is a comprehensive research university, comprised of 11 schools, 16 graduate schools, four libraries, two university hospitals, 25 research institutes and facilities. Furthermore, we have four oversea centers in San- Francisco (USA), Groningen (The Netherlands), Bangkok (Thailand) and Shanghai (China).

The strengths and features of Osaka University are that it is one of the most innovative universities in Japan with outstanding research in many fields.

[Cutting-edge and distinctive research in OU]

 Immunology, Integrated Frontier Research for Medical Science, Quantum Information and Quantum Biology,   Symbiotic Intelligent Systems Research etc.

In addition to the excellence of research, Osaka University has strongly promoted university-industry co-creation. Osaka University accepts the highest amount of joint research funds from industries of all universities in japan. There are about 100 research laboratories and units sponsored by companies on campus.

Total Enrollment:22247
           International Students:1059(5%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:15464
           International Students:245(2%)
Graduate Enrollment:6783
           International Students:814(12%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Application Of Natural Science
           Application Of Science And Technology
           Department Of Chemistry, Applied Chemistry
           Department Of Environment And Energy
           Department Of Humanities
           Earth Sciences
           Electronic And Physics
           Electronics And Information
           Foreign Language
           Health Sciences
           Information Science
           International Public Policy
           System Science
Graduate Programs
           Applied Chemistry
           Bioinformatic Engineering
           Biological Functions
           Business Engineering
           Child Development
           Comparative Public Policy
           Computer Science
           Cosmic Earth Sciences
           Cultural Patterns
           Cultural Representation Theory
           Cultural Theory Of Dynamic
           Department Of Macromolecular Science
           Earth Engineering Research
           Electrical Electronics
           Environmental And Energy Engineering
           Global Anthropology
           Health Sciences
           Information Network
           Information Systems Engineering
           Institutional Innovation
           International Public Policy
           Language And Culture
           Law And Political Science
           Life Engineering
           Life Information Environmental Science
           Material Creation
           Materials And Manufacturing Science
           Mathematical Information
           Mechanical Engineering
           Medical Innovation
           Medicine And Health And Applied Science
           Molecular Pathology Oral Sciences
           Molecular Pharmaceutical Science
           Multimedia Engineering
           Oral Sciences
           Precision And Applied Physics
           Social Language
           Sudden Major
           The Basis Of The Mathematical Information
           The Biological Function Of Engineering Innovation

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