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Sungkyunkwan University
English Name: Sungkyunkwan University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: South Korea
Found Year: 1398
Address: 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-ro, Jongno-gu

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is a world-class institution of higher education that has existed for more than six centuries.  Since its founding as a royal Confucian academy in 1398 at the dawn of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), SKKU has demonstrated strong academic leadership.  Contemporary SKKU has embraced globalization and emerged as a leading university in Asia and the world.  In fact, SKKU actively encourages international collaboration through exchange of faculty and students, and the development of cutting-edge research and educational programs with its global partners.


The name “Sungkyunkwan” is synonymous with both tradition and innovation.  The literal meaning of the university’s name is, “An institution for building a harmonious society of enlightened human beings.”  The founding philosophy of Sungkyunkwan was needed in the past just as much as it is needed in today’s technologically advanced society.  The university’s 4,706 faculty members are committed to quality teaching and research; offering students a challenging environment for intellectual and personal growth.


As the oldest university in East Asia and Korea’s top higher educational institution for centuries, Sungkyunkwan generated countless graduates that shaped the nation’s history and culture.  SKKU's motto, “Su-Gi-Chi-In”, which means “Benevolence, Righteousness, Propriety, Wisdom”, teaches that the university’s students should strive to improve themselves and contribute to society.  This ideology is the fundamental principle by which the university has fostered so many influential leaders, thus contributing to the development of Korean society.  SKKU aims to educate future global leaders equipped with these essential values so that it will further contribute to the advancement of all of humanity.  Sungkyunkwan University continuously integrates its founding philosophy with modern technology in order to cultivate talented individuals capable of leading society into a brighter future.

Total Enrollment:17429
           International Students:2087(8%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:15796
           International Students:1212(8%)
Graduate Enrollment:1633
           International Students:152(9%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering
           Architectural Engineering
           Bio-Mechatronic Engineering
           Biological Science
           Business Administration
           Chemical Engineering
           Child Psychology and Education
           Chinese Language and Literature
           Civil and Environmental Engineering
           Civil Law
           Classical Chinese Education
           Computer Education
           Computer Engineering
           Constitutional Law
           Consumer and Family Sciences
           Corporate Law
           Criminal Law
           Cross-Cultural Studies
           Digital Media Content
           Electronic and Electrical Engineering
           English Language and Literature
           Fashion Design
           Film, Television and Multimedia
           Fine Arts
           Food Science and Technology
           French Language and Literature
           Genetic Engineering
           German Language and Literature
           Global Business Administration
           Global Economics
           Human-Computer Interaction
           Human-Robot Interaction
           Industrial Engineering
           Industrial Pharmacy
           Interactive Design
           Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
           Interdisciplinary Program
           Interdisciplinary Program of Bio-Industry Engineering
           International Law
           International Trade and Policy
           Journalism and Mass Communication
           Korean Language and Literature
           Korean Literature In Classical Chinese
           Landscape Architecture
           Library and Information Science
           Management Route
           Management Technology
           Mathematics Education
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mega Buildings and Bridges
           Performing Art
           Political Science and Diplomacy
           Polymer Science and Engineering
           Public Administration
           Public Interest Law
           Public Law
           Russian Language and Literature
           Semiconductor Systems Engineering
           Social Welfare
           Sports Instruction
           Studies of Glocal-Cultural Contents
           Systems Management Engineering
           Tax Law
           U-City Design and Engineering
Graduate Programs
           Actuarial Science
           Anatomy and Structural Biology
           Applied Chemical Materials Engineering
           Bio Engineering
           Biology Education
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biomedicine and Pharmacy
           Business Education
           Chemistry Education
           Chinese Education
           Clinical Nursing
           Clinical Nursing Administration
           Clinical Pathology
           Clinical Pharmacy
           Cognitive Science
           Comparative Culture
           Computer Education
           Confucian Studies
           Counseling Psychology Education
           Design Management
           Digital Media Communication Engineering
           Doctor of Juridical Science (Sjd)
           Doctor of Philosophy In Law (Phd)
           Early Childhood Education
           Eastern Philosophy
           Edcare Management
           Educational Administration
           Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
           Emba (Executive MBA)
           Embedded Software Engineering
           Energy Science (Worldclass Project)
           Energy System Engineering
           English Education
           Environmental Design
           Ethics Education
           Etiquette In Life and Way of Tea
           Exercise Nutrition
           Exercise Physiology
           Family Medicine
           General Surgery
           Geographic Information Systems
           Head and Neck Surgery
           History Education
           Ifmba (Insurance and Finance MBA)
           Imba (On-Line MBA)
           Internal Medicine
           International Trade
           Journalism and Mass Communication
           Korean Language and Literature Education
           Korean Philosophy
           Librarian Education
           Mathematics Education
           MBA (Master of Business Administration)
           MBA/Ms Track
           Measurement and Evaluation
           Mechatronics Engineering
           Mobile Communication Engineering
           Mobile System Engineering
           Molecular and Cellular Biology
           Molecular Medical Science
           Motor Control
           Ms In Management
           Nuclear Medicine
           Oral Health Science
           Orthopedic Surgery
           Photovoltaic System Engineering
           Physical Education
           Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaion
           Physics and Chemistry
           Physics Education
           Plastic Surgery
           Political Science
           Radiation Oncology
           Research Track
           Semiconductor Display Engineering
           Social and Health Pharmacy
           Social and Preventive Medicine
           Social Studies Education
           Social Welfare
           Sports Marketing
           Sports Psychology
           Sports Sociology
           Structure and System Design Engineering
           Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
           Translating Pre-Modern Korean Text In Classical Chinese
           Urban Architecture Design
           Visual Communication Design

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