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Swinburne University of Technology
English Name: Swinburne University of Technology
Region: Oceania
Country/Region: Australia
Found Year: 1992
Address: John Street, Hawthorn, Victoria

Established as a university in 1992, Swinburne is a world-class, multidisciplinary institution leading the way in science, technology, business, design and innovation.  The university’s strengths build on its history as a technical training institute established over 100 years ago.

Swinburne has an agile and forward-thinking understanding of global business and government priorities which means it responds effectively to the changing needs of industry and the external environment. The university provides students with access to high-quality teaching, exposure to high-impact research, and active engagement with both industry and the community. Swinburne is also a pioneer in making education opportunities accessible to a wider audience through providing a broad range of degree programs in a fully online format.

Much of Swinburne's research is concentrated in its specialist centres which are noted for their industry and institutional links, community service and multi-disciplinary approach. Graduates are widely recognised for the contribution they are making to Australian and international industry, business and society through the solving of important practical problems by applied, interdisciplinary research. These people bear testament to Swinburne’s standards of excellence and ensure the continuation of its proud tradition.

Just 10 minutes from the centre of Melbourne, the Hawthorn campus is Swinburne’s main campus and the hub of its teaching, research and development activities. Located in one of the city’s most attractive inner suburbs, the campus offers a desirable student lifestyle and students can choose from an on-campus residential college or independent apartment options. Swinburne maintains two additional campuses in other Melbourne suburbs, and established Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak campus) Malaysia in 2000 as its Asian hub.

Swinburne invests heavily in providing students and researchers with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Significant recent developments include the $100 million Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre (AMDC) and the $140 million Advanced Technologies Centre (ATC) at the Hawthorn campus. The ATC houses leading-edge research facilities including the Smart Structures Laboratory, the first of its kind in Australia.

To further support advanced research projects, Swinburne was the first non-American university with guaranteed access to the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii. This advanced facility is home to the world’s most powerful optical and infrared telescopes: the twin Keck instruments.

A truly international university, Swinburne has developed successful relationships with universities around the world and Swinburne’s exchange arrangements with more than 100 international partner institutions provide opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and immerse themselves in another culture. Alternatively, students have the option to internationalise their course through a short-term study abroad program or dual-master program with Northeastern University, USA.

In a world where most students believe they will work in jobs which don’t yet exist, Swinburne is preparing students to confidently face their future by ensuring they have the skills to constantly adapt in a fast changing and uncertain world.

Total Enrollment:15377
           International Students:7286(47%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:12289
           International Students:5058(41%)
Graduate Enrollment:3088
           International Students:2228(72%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accounting And Finance
           Arts And Humanities
           Associate Degree Of Applied Information And Communication Technology
           Bachelor Of Applied Information And Communication Technology
           Bachelor Of Arts (Games And Interactivity)
           Bachelor Of Business
           Bachelor Of Business (Accounting)
           Bachelor Of Business (Advertising)
           Bachelor Of Business (Business Analysis)
           Bachelor Of Business (Finance)
           Bachelor Of Business (Human Resource Management)
           Bachelor Of Business (Management)
           Bachelor Of Business (Marketing)
           Bachelor Of Business (Public Relations)
           Bachelor Of Business (Tourism And Hospitality Management)
           Bachelor Of Business (Tourism Management)
           Bachelor Of Business Information Systems
           Bachelor Of Business/Bachelor Of Communication
           Bachelor Of Business/Bachelor Of Social Science
           Bachelor Of Commerce
           Bachelor Of Commerce (Honours)
           Bachelor Of Commerce/Bachelor Of Arts (Italian)
           Bachelor Of Commerce/Bachelor Of Arts (Japanese)
           Bachelor Of Communication
           Bachelor Of Communication (Advertising)
           Bachelor Of Communication (Media Studies)
           Bachelor Of Communication (Public Relations)
           Bachelor Of Communication/Bachelor Of Social Science
           Bachelor Of Engineering (Electronics And Computer Systems)
           Bachelor Of Engineering (Robotics And Mechatronics)
           Bachelor Of Engineering (Software Engineering)
           Bachelor Of Engineering (Telecommunication And Network Engineering)
           Bachelor Of Information And Communication Technology
           Bachelor Of Information And Communication Technology
           Bachelor Of Information And Communication Technology (Network Design And Security)
           Bachelor Of Information Technology - Scholarship Program
           Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science And Software Engineering)
           Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science And Software Engineering)
           Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science And Software Engineering)
           Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science And Software Engineering)
           Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science And Software Engineering)
           Bachelor Of Science (Computer Science)
           Bachelor Of Science (Games Development)
           Bachelor Of Science (Information Technology)
           Bachelor Of Science (Professional Software Development)
           Bachelor Of Social Science
           Bachelor Of Social Science (Media Studies)
           Bachelor Of Social Science (Psychology)
           Bachelor Of Social Science (Public Relations)
           Bachelor Of Social Science (Sociology)
           Biomedical Engineering
           Civil Engineering
           Electrical, Electronics & Computer Systems
           Entrepreneurship And Innovation
           Health Science
           Human Resource Management
           International Business
           Leadership And Management
           Mechanical Engineering
           Media And Multimedia
           Product Design Engineering
           Robotics & Mechatronics
           Social Science
           Social Science
Graduate Programs
           Advanced Manufacturing Technology
           Arts And Humanities
           Business Management
           Civil Engineering
           Construction Management
           Cross-Cultural Brand Identity
           Design Entrpreneurship
           Digital Visual Culture And Imaging
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Arts/Humanities/Social Science) - Lss003
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Business)
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) - Lss004
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Mathematics)
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Science)
           Doctor Of Philosophy (Science) - Lss002
           Doctor Of Philosphy (Engineering)
           Engineering Management
           Entrepreneurship And Innovation
           Global Product Innovation
           Health Science
           Human Resource Management
           Indigigenous Knowledge
           Information Technology
           Innovative Spatial Design
           International Business And Global Programs
           Master Of Arts (Writing)
           Master Of Arts - Lss192
           Master Of Commerce (By Research)
           Master Of Engineering (By Research)
           Master Of Engineering Science (Network Systems And Telecommunications)
           Master Of Information Systems Management
           Master Of Information Systems Management / Master Of Business Administration
           Master Of Information Technology
           Master Of Information Technology Project Management
           Master Of Science (Astronomy)
           Master Of Science (By Research)
           Master Of Science (Mathematics) By Research
           Master Of Science (Network Systems)
           Master Of Science - Lss190
           Master Of Technology (Business Systems Design And Management)
           Master Of Technology (Information Technology) - Csp Available
           Media And Multimedia
           Professional Doctorate Of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) - N012
           Professional Doctorate Of Psychology (Counselling Psychology) - N008
           Professional Doctorate Of Psychology (Health Psychology) (No New Intake)
           Psychological Studies
           Risk Management
           Social Investment And Philanthropy
           Social Science
           Strategic Foresight
           Sustainable Design

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