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The University of Glasgow
English Name: The University of Glasgow
Region: Northern Europe
Country/Region: UK
Found Year: 1451
Address: University Avenue

The University of Glasgow

Founded in1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. Today we are a broad-based, research-intensive institution with a global reach. We have more than 23,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and are a major employer in the city of Glasgow with more than 6,000 staff, including 2,000 active researchers.

A leading research centre

We are a member of the prestigious Russell Group of leading UK research universities, and we’re striving to change the world with our expertise. Our annual earnings for research are £175m, which means that we can make important discoveries, whether that’s finding a way to detect malaria in minutes, or contributing to the biggest particle physics experiment in the world: the Large Hadron Collider.

Excellence in teaching

Our research-led approach is one of the reasons why a degree from the University of Glasgow is so prized, but our students also benefit from opportunities to study abroad, improve their employability, take part in work placements and explore a wide range of social activities. As a result, we attract scholars from 120 countries around the world.

Rated third for international student satisfaction among universities participating in the International Student Barometer Summer 2012,we ensure that our students graduate equipped with the skills they need to compete in a global workplace. The friendships and networks they make at Glasgow can last a lifetime - we are in touch with 118,000 alumni in 162countries.


Working with others

We know we cannot succeed alone, which is why we work with partners and friends in Glasgow, Scotland and beyond. Whether we’re sharing expertise on climate change and disease prevention in developing countries, or offering investment to kick-start new collaborations with growing companies in Scotland, the benefits of our ever-expanding network of friendships and partnerships are wide-ranging and reciprocal. The University of Glasgow is a founder member of Universitas 21, an international grouping of universities dedicated to setting worldwide standards for higher education. We are also a member of IRUN (International Research Universities Network) – an international network of broad-based research universities.

Total Enrollment:19745
           International Students:3483(18%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:16135
           International Students:1714(11%)
Graduate Enrollment:3610
           International Students:1769(49%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Accountancy & Finance 
           Accounting & Mathematics  
           Accounting & Statistics 
           Aeronautical Engineering 
           Aerospace Systems 
           Applied Mathematics
           Arts & Media Informatics 
           Audio & Video Engineering 
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering 
           Business & Management 
           Business Economics 
           Celtic Civilisation 
           Celtic Studies 
           Central & East European Studies 
           Chemical Physics 
           Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry 
           Childhood Practice 
           Civil Engineering with Architecture 
           Civil Engineering 
           Classics Classical Civilisation
           Community Development 
           Comparative Literature 
           Computing Science 
           Computing Science & Physiology Neuroinformatics
           Earth Science 
           Economic & Social History 
           Electronics with Music 
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering 
           Electronic & Software Engineering 
           English Language 
           English Literature 
           Environmental Stewardship
           Film & Television Studies 
           Finance & Mathematics 
           Finance & Statistics 
           Health & Social Studies 
           Hispanic Studies 
           History Of Art 
           Marine & Freshwater Biology 
           Mathematical Sciences 
           Mechanical Design Engineering 
           Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics 
           Mechanical Engineering 
           Microcomputer Systems Engineering 
           Mobile Software Engineering 
           Modern Languages 
           Molecular & Cellular Biology with Biotechnology
           Molecular & Cellular Biology with Plant Science
           Molecular & Cellular Biology 
           Physics with Astrophysics
           Physics / Theoretical Physics
           Physiology, Sports Science & Nutrition 
           Physiology & Sports Science 
           Primary Education 
           Product Design Engineering 
           Public Policy 
           Religious & Philosophical Education 
           Scottish History 
           Scottish Literature 
           Slavonic Studies 
           Software Engineering 
           Sports Medicine 
           Technological Education 
           Theatre Studies 
           Theology & Religious Studies 
           Veterinary Biosciences 
           Veterinary Medicine & Surgery 
Graduate Programs
           Academic Practice 
           Adult & Continuing Education 
           Advanced Statistics 
           Aerial Archaeology 
           Aeronautical Engineering 
           Aerospace Engineering & Management 
           Aerospace Systems 
           American Studies 
           Animal Reproduction 
           Animal Welfare Science, Ethics & Law 
           Applied Carbon Management
           Applied Medical Science 
           Applied Neuropsychology 
           Aquatic System Science 
           Archaeological Studies 
           Art, Style & Design: Renaissance To Modernism 
           Arts Of China 
           Arts Of Europe 
           Art History: Art: Politics: Transgression: 20Th Century Avant-Gardes 
           Art History: Dress and Textile Histories 
           Art History: History Of Collecting & Collections 
           Art History: Mackintosh, Glasgow & International Art Nouveau 
           Art History: Making & Meaning: Approaches In Technical Art History 
           Automotive Engineering 
           Banking & Financial Services 
           Battlefield & Conflict Archaeology 
           Behavioural Sleep Medicine 
           Biodiversity Measurement & Informatics 
           Biomedical Sciences 
           Brain Imaging 
           Brain Sciences: From Molecules To Mind 
           Cardiovascular Practice 
           Cardiovascular Sciences 
           Celtic & Viking Archaeology 
           Celtic Studies 
           Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry 
           Childhood Practice 
           Children'S Literature & Literacies 
           Child Health 
           Chinese Studies 
           City & Regional Planning 
           City Planning & Real Estate Development 
           City Planning & Regeneration 
           Civil Engineering & Management 
           Clinical Neuropsychology 
           Clinical Nutrition 
           Clinical Pharmacology 
           Clinical Physics 
           Clinical Psychology 
           Clinical Radiation Physics 
           Coastal System Management 
           Community Learning & Development 
           Comparative Medicine 
           Computer Forensics & E-Discovery 
           Computer Systems Engineering 
           Computing Science
           Computing Science Mres
           Contemporary Law & Practice 
           Corporate & Financial Law 
           Creative Writing 
           Criminology & Criminal Justice 
           Critical Care & Medical Informatics 
           Crop Biotechnology 
           Development Studies 
           Doctorate In Education Research
           Drugs & Alcohol Studies 
           Ecology & Environmental Biology 
           Economics, Banking & Finance 
           Economic & Financial Sector Policies 
           Economic Development 
           Educational Studies
           Education Primary/Secondary
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering 
           Electronics & Electrical Engineering & Management 
           Electronics Design 
           Embedded Electronic Systems 
           Engineering & Management 
           English Language & English Linguistics 
           English Language Teaching 
           Environmental Statistics 
           Environment & Sustainable Development 
           Equality & Human Rights 
           European Politics 
           European Politics & Law 
           European Studies: Cultures, Societies & Languages 
           Europe & International Development Politics & Economics
           Evidence Based Medicine & Education 
           Evolutionary Biology & Systematics 
           Exercise Science 
           Film & Television Studies 
           Film Journalism 
           Finance & Economic Development 
           Financial Economics 
           Financial Forecasting & Investment 
           Financial Modelling 
           Financial Risk Management 
           Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics 
           Forensic Toxicology 
           Freshwater System Science 
           Geoinformation Technology and Cartography 
           Geomatics & Management 
           Geospatial and Mapping Sciences 
           Global Economy 
           Global Health 
           Global Security 
           Global Water Sustainability 
           Governance & Accountability 
           Health Care Chaplaincy 
           Health Care 
           Historically Informed Performance Practice 
           History Of Medicine
           Housing Studies 
           Human Geography: Space, Politics & Power 
           Human Nutrition 
           Human Rights & International Politics
           Inclusive Education: Research, Policy & Practice 
           Information Management & Preservation Digital
           Information Retrieval Systems
           Information Security
           Information Technology 
           Intellectual Property & The Digital Economy 
           Inter-Professional Science Education & Communication 
           International Accounting & Financial Management 
           International Banking & Finance 
           International Business & Economic Development 
           International Business & Entrepreneurship 
           International Cinemas 
           International Commercial Law 
           International Competition Law & Policy 
           International Corporate Finance & Banking 
           International Development 
           International Finance 
           International Finance & Economic Policy 
           International Financial Analysis 
           International Financial Economics 
           International Law 
           International Law & Security 
           International Management & Design Innovation 
           International Management & Leadership 
           International Management For China 
           International Politics China
           International Politics Research
           International Relations 
           International Strategic Marketing 
           International Trade & Finance 
           Investment Banking & Finance 
           Landscape Monitoring & Mapping 
           Leadership Drugs & Alcohol Setting Pgcert
           Learning and Teaching of Modern Languages In The Primary School 
           Local Economic Development 
           Management with Enterprise & Business Growth 
           Management with Human Resources 
           Management with International Finance 
           Management with International Real Estate 
           Managing Health & Wellbeing
           Marine & Freshwater Ecology & Environmental Management 
           Marine System Science 
           Material Culture & Artefact Studies
           Mathematics / Applied Mathematics 
           MBA Master of Business Administration
           Mechanical Engineering 
           Mechanical Engineering & Management 
           Media Management 
           Medical & Veterinary Microbiology 
           Medical Genetics 
           Medical Law 
           Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy 
           Medieval & Renaissance Studies
           Medieval Scottish Studies 
           Mediterranean Archaeology 
           Middle Leadership and Management In Schools 
           Mobile & Ubiquitous Systems
           Modernities: Modernism, Modernity & Post-Modernity 
           Modern & Contemporary Art 
           Molecular Medicine
           Molecular Parasitology 
           Mpa: See Public Administration 
           Museum Studies 
           Nursing: See Health Care 
           Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 
           Organisational Leadership 
           Paediatric Science 
           Philosophy Conversion Program
           Philosophy Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy
           Philosophy Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language
           Philosophy Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind
           Philosophy Moral Philosophy and Philosophy of Mind
           Philosophy Moral Philosophy and Political Philosophy
           Philosophy Philosophy of Language and Moral Philosophy 
           Philosophy Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Mind
           Physics: Advanced Materials 
           Physics: Energy and The Environment 
           Physics: Global Security 
           Physics: Life Sciences 
           Plant Science 
           Playwriting & Dramaturgy 
           Political Communication 
           Popular Music Studies Popular Music Studies/ Music Industries / Creative Practice
           Primary Care 
           Primary Dental Care 
           Primary Expressive Arts 
           Primary Physical Education Inservice Program
           Product Design Engineering 
           Professional Development In Education 
           Professional Learning & Enquiry 
           Professional Practice In Higher Education 
           Psychological Science, Research Methods Of 
           Psychological Studies 
           Public Administration 
           Public Health 
           Public Policy 
           Public Policy & Management 
           Public Policy Research 
           Quantitative Finance 
           Quantitative Skills In Applied Ecology, Epidemiology & Conservation Biology 
           Real Estate
           Real Estate & Regeneration 
           Religion, Education & Culture 
           Religion, Theology & Culture 
           Religious Education By Distance Learning 
           Reproductive & Maternal Sciences 
           Russian, Central & East European Studies
           Russian, Central & East European Studies Erasmus Mundus International Masters
           School Leadership & Management Scottish Qualification For Headship
           Science For International Development 
           Scottish & Celtic Cultural Studies 
           Signal Processing, Electronic and Computational Techniques For Researching and Understanding Music 
           Social History 
           Social Science Research 
           Social Statistics 
           Socio-Legal Studies 
           Sociology & Research 
           Software Development 
           Software Engineering
           Sonic Arts 
           Space Systems Engineering 
           Spatial Planning 
           Sports Nutrition 
           Sport & Exercise Medicine 
           Sport & Exercise Science 
           Strategic Leadership 
           Structural Engineering & Mechanics 
           Support For Learning Inservice
           Surgical Oncology 
           Sustainable Energy 
           Sustainable Water Resources 
           Teaching Adults 
           Teaching In Higher Education 
           Telecommunication Electronics 
           Textile Conservation 
           Theoretical Physics 
           Tourism, Heritage & Development Dumfries Campus
           Translational Medicine 
           Translation Studies In Scotland 
           Transnational Crime, Justice & Security 
           Urban & Housing Practice 
           Urban Policy & Practice 
           Urban Regeneration 
           Urban Research 
           Veterinary Public Health 
           Victorian Literature 
           War Studies 
           Young People, Social Inclusion & Change 

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