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University of Lisbon
English Name: University of Lisbon
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Portugal
Found Year: 1288
Address: Alameda da Universidade, Cidade Universitária

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) was created in July 2013 as a result of the merge between Universidade de Lisboa (UL) and Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (UTL) becoming the larger higher education institution in Portugal.

ULisboa has 18 schools and over 100 research units, around 50 000 students, 4 000 lecturers, 2 500 non-academic staff and 400 degree courses.

The 18 schools are spread in eight campuses and comprise: 

FA – Faculdade de Arquitectura (Faculty of Architecture);

FBA – Faculdade de Belas Artes (Faculty of Fine Arts);

FC – Faculdade de Ciências (Faculty of Sciences);

FD – Faculdade de Direito (School of Law);

FF – Faculdade de Farmácia (Faculty of Pharmacy);

FL – Faculdade de Letras (School of Arts and Humanities);

FM – Faculdade de Medicina (Faculty of Medicine);

FMD – Faculdade de Medicina Dentária (Faculty of Dental Medicine)

FMV – Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine);

FMH – Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (Faculty for Human Kinetics);

FP – Faculdade de Psicologia (Faculty of Psycology);

ICS – Instituto de Ciências Sociais (Institute of Social Sciences);

IE – Instituto de Educação (Institute of Education);

IGOT – Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território (Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning);

ISA – Instituto Superior de Agronomia (School of Agriculture); 

ISCSP – Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas (School of Social and Political Sciences);

ISEG – Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (School of Economics and Management);

IST – Instituto Superior Técnico (Técnico Lisboa).

The quality of research, innovation and culture of the schools and research units at ULisboa, in all subject areas, attracts a growing number of international talents and research partnerships at the highest level.

ULisboa is deeply involved within Portuguese society and the Lisbon metropolitan area, accepting its responsibility to make the city of Lisbon one of the greatest European capitals of culture and science. ULisboa welcomes every year more than 4 000 foreign students in search of high-quality education and research.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           1St Cycle And 2Nd Cycle In Pharmaceutical Sciences
           1St Cycle Dental Prosthesis
           1St Cycle In African Studies
           1St Cycle In Applied Mathematics
           1St Cycle In Applied Statistics
           1St Cycle In Archeology
           1St Cycle In Art And Multimedia
           1St Cycle In Art And Patrimony Sciences
           1St Cycle In Arts And Humanities
           1St Cycle In Asiatic Studies
           1St Cycle In Biochemistry
           1St Cycle In Biology
           1St Cycle In Chemistry (Acreditada Com O Chemistry Eurobachelor Label)
           1St Cycle In Classic Studies
           1St Cycle In Communication Design
           1St Cycle In Educational Sciences
           1St Cycle In Equipment Design
           1St Cycle In European Studies
           1St Cycle In Geographic Engineering
           1St Cycle In Geography
           1St Cycle In Geology
           1St Cycle In History
           1St Cycle In History Of The Art
           1St Cycle In Informatics Engineering
           1St Cycle In Information And Communication Technologies
           1St Cycle In Languages, Literatures And Cultures
           1St Cycle In Law
           1St Cycle In Mathematics
           1St Cycle In Meteorology, Oceanography And Geophysics
           1St Cycle In Painting
           1St Cycle In Performing Arts
           1St Cycle In Philosophy
           1St Cycle In Physics
           1St Cycle In Planning And Territory Management
           1St Cycle In Portuguese Studies
           1St Cycle In Sciences Of The Culture
           1St Cycle In Sciences Of The Language
           1St Cycle In Sculpture
           1St Cycle In Slavonic Studies
           1St Cycle In Technological Chemistry (Acreditada Com O Chemistry Eurobachelor Label)
           1St Cycle In Translation
           1St Cycle Oral Hygiene
           1St Cyle In Drawing
           Institute Of Education
           Institute Of Geography And Territorial Planning
           Integrated Master (1St And 2Nd Cycle) In Dental Medicine
           Integrated Master (1St And 2Nd Cycle) In Medicine
           Integrated Master (1St And 2Nd Cycle) In Psychology
           Specialization In Cultures And Arts
           Specialization In Performance Arts
Master's Degree Programs
           Adult Education
           Adult Education.Theme: Education And Training Of Young People And Adults With Little Schooling
           And Regional Studies Autarchic
           Art Education
           Artistic Anatomy
           Arts, Heritage And Restoration
           Asian Studies
           Bioenergy Systems Engineering
           Classical Studies
           Cognitive Science
           Communication Design And New Media
           Comparative Studies
           Conference Interpreting
           Culture And Communication
           Culture And Society European Na
           Curatorial Studies
           Educational Administration
           English And American Studies
           Equipment Design
           Evaluation In Education
           Formation Of Teachers
           German Studies
           Glass Art And Science
           History And Culture Of Religions
           History And Medieval Islamic Mediterranean Do
           History Of Education
           Ict And Education
           Ict And Education. Distance Scheme
           Ict And Education. Theme: Elearning
           Integrated Master (1St And 2Nd Cycle) In Biomedical And Biophysics Engineering
           Integrated Master (1St And 2Nd Cycle) In Energy And Environmental Engineering
           Integrated Master (1St And 2Nd Cycle) In Physics Engineering
           Intercultural Education
           Library And Information Sciences
           Literature Gives Theory
           Maritime History
           Master / Doctorate In Biopharmaceutical Sciences
           Master / Doctorate In Regulation And Evaluation Of Medicines And Health Products
           Master / Doctorate Pharmacotechnics Advanced
           Master In European Policies
           Master In Physical Geography And Spatial Planning
           Master Of Geographic Information Systems And Modelling Applied To The Territorial Land Use
           Master Of Urban Planning And Management
           Masters / Phd In Medicinal Herbal
           Masters / Phd In Pharmaceutical Chemistry And Therapeutics
           Masters / Phd In Pharmaceutical Engineering
           Masters / Phd In Pharmacoepidemiology And Pharmacotherapy Awaiting Accreditation A3Es
           Masters / Phd In Quality Control And Toxicology Food
           Masters In Clinical Analysis
           Masters In Population, Society And Territory
           Mathematics Teaching
           Multimedia Art
           Museology And Museography
           Personal And Social Education
           Portuguese Language And Culture (Foreign Language / Second Language)
           Public Heritage, Art And Museology
           Romance Studies
           Sciences Of Art And Heritage
           Sciences Of Complexity
           Supervision And Guidance Of Professional Practice
           Teaching Of Biology And Geology
           Teaching Of Mathematics
           Teaching Of Physics And Chemistry
           Teaching Of Science
           Teaching Of Science. Theme: Ict In Science Teaching
           Technologies And Methodologies Em Elearning
           Textual Criticism
           Theatre Studies
           Theory And Curriculum Development
           Theory And Curriculum Development . Theme: Mediation In Education
           Tourism And Communication
Doctoral Programs
           Administration And Educational Policy
           Adult Education
           Archaeology And Prehistory
           Art History / Heritage Science And Theory Of Restoration
           Classical Studies
           Cognitive Science (Interagency Course)
           Communication And Culture
           Comparative Education
           Comparative Studies
           Doctor Of Herbal Medicines
           Doctoral Program In Cognitive Science
           Doctorate In Biopharmaceutical Sciences
           Doctorate In Nursing
           Educational Psychology
           English And American Studies
           Evaluation In Education
           Formation Of Teachers
           German Studies
           History And Culture Of Religions
           History Of Education
           Information And Communication Technologies In Education
           Literature Gives Theory
           Literature Gives United Europe
           Palaeography And Diplomatic
           Ph.D. In Pharmaceutical Engineering
           Ph.D. In Speech, Language And Communication
           Phd In Climate Change And Sustainable Development Policies
           Phd In Geography
           Phd In Migration
           Phd In Pharmaceutical Chemistry And Therapeutics
           Phd In Pharmacoepidemiology And Pharmacotherapy Awaiting Accreditation A3Es
           Phd In Planning, Risk And Public Policy
           Phd In Political Science
           Phd In Public Administration
           Phd In Quality Control And Toxicology Food
           Phd In Regulation And Evaluation Of Medicines And Health Products
           Phd In Tourism
           Phd Pharmacotechnics Advanced
           Philosophy Of Education
           Portuguese Language And Culture (Foreign Language / Second Language)
           Romance Studies
           Sociology Of Education
           Speech, Language And Communication
           Supervision And Guidance Of Professional Practice
           Teaching Of Mathematics
           Teaching Of Science
           Textual Criticism
           Theatre Studies
           Theory And Curriculum Development

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