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University of Montpellier 2
English Name: University of Montpellier 2
Region: Western Europe
Country/Region: France
Found Year: 1970
Address: Place Eugène Bataillon

The Science University of Montpellier was created in the Middle Ages (1150). In the 12thcentury, it hosted a Faculty of Medicine and the Faculties of Law and Arts. In1808, Napoleon 1st founded the Faculty of Science. The University Montpellier 2 - Sciences and Techniques-was created in 1970 under the framework law on higher education.


The University Montpellier 2 is a research university with courses and research activities covering the whole scientific and technological spectrum:

Fundamental Biology, Applied Biology and Ecology, Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, Sciences of the Universe, Physics and Mathematics, Management, Education Sciences.


It offers a wide range of courses in science, technology and management. The University, through its dynamism, the international influence of its laboratories and an onward looking, professionally orientated policy, contributes to the socio-economic development of the Languedoc-Roussillon region and to student employability.


The main goals of the University are:

-Initial & continuing education

-Scientific & technological Research

-Development of Research

-Careers advice & employability

-Enhancement of cultural awareness & knowledge understanding

-Participation in the construction of the European Space for Higher Education& Research

-International Cooperation

 It hosts 16,500 students in 7 academic faculties, and about 2,500 staff members actively contribute to university life.

 The university is associated with more than 40laboratories (with 1,000 PhD students in 5 Doctoral Schools), most of which are well established in French research. It is at the heart of the 5thFrench research center.

 Montpellier is a centre for excellence with a broad international scope, especially in the field of Environmental Sciences. Moreover, its unique location in the Mediterranean basin is a crossroads between Europe and southern countries.

 The current President is Pr. Michel ROBERT.

 Organization of training and research at the University Montpellier 2:

 The academic faculties provide training through their departments in specific disciplines, while the Joint Research Units provide Research and Innovation.

 Students’ initial training is provided by 7 academic faculties:

1 section for global sciences (Faculty of Sciences), 1 teacher training college (French acronym : FDE), 3 undergraduate technological faculties (IUT de Montpellier, IUT de Nîmes, IUT de Béziers),1 Graduate School of Engineering(“Polytech Montpellier”),1 faculty in Business and Administration(French acronym : IAE) providing both scientific and management skills.

There also is 1 internal school associated with the Observatory of Sciences of the Universe OREME (French acronym for Observatory of Mediterranean Research on the Environment).

 The laboratories are not attached to any of the university academic faculties but are managed by the Research and Doctoral Studies Department, under the authority of the Scientific Council of the University.

The Université Montpellier 2 and the Université Montpellier 1 are currently in a merger process that will end with the creation of the «Université de Montpellier» on January 1st, 2015.

Total Enrollment:15199
           International Students:1882(12%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:7766
           International Students:654(8%)
Graduate Enrollment:7433
           International Students:1228(17%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Building and Construction Professional License, Technical Management of  Heritage
           Course of  the  Schools of  Engineering Polytech
           Industrial Transformations Professional License, Development of  Materials, Instrumentation and Process
           License Chemistry
           License Information
           License Management Professional Organizations Creation / Business
           License of  Biology
           License of  Mathematics
           License Physics
           License Wizard Professional It Project (Development of  Applicationse-Business)
           Licensed Professional Chemical Analysis Applied To the  Environment
           Licensed Professional Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
           Licensed Professional Civil Engineering and Construction
           Licensed Professional Communication Services Online
           Licensed Professional Management of  Industrial Production
           Licensed Professional Quality, Safety and Environmental Impact of  the  Food and Its Packaging
           Licensed Professional Safety Organization and Industrial Systems
           Licensed Professional Sports Management and Organizational Development of  the  Sporting and Recreation
           Licensed Professional Technical Sales International
           Management of  Technology Course of  the  Decision and Innovation
           Marketing Professional License of  Financial Products and Services For Professionals
           Marketing Professional License of  Financial Products For Individuals
           Professional License Analytical and Experimental Biology
           Professional License and Materials Technology Development
           Professional License and Welded Metal Structures
           Professional License Assistant Project Manager
           Professional License Electricity and Electronics
           Professional License Electricity and Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems Industry
           Professional License Enterprise Resource Planning
           Professional License Management Services and Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions For Buildings
           Professional License Management Working Time and Remuneration
           Professional License Networks and Telecommunications
           Professional License Nutrition and Food
           Professional License Production Management Industriell
           Professional License Trades Measurement Instrumentation and Controls
           Science and Engineering For Technqiues
           Senior Business Professional License in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
           Technical Sales Management Course
Master's Degree Programs
           Master Biology Agroressources Geosciences and Environment
           Master Computer
           Master Electronics Electrical Automatic
           Master Mathematics Biostatistics
           Master Mechanic
           Master of  Biology and Health
           Master of  Chemistry
           Master Physics
           Master Teaching History and Philosophy of  Science
           Mention Information Systems Management
           Mention of  Business Administration
           Trades Master of  Education
Engineering Degree Programs
           Mechanical & Interaction
           Mechanical Manufacture and Quality of  Boiler Structures
           Microelectronics and Automation
           Science and Technology Food Industry
           Science and Technology of  Water

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