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University of Pavia
English Name: University of Pavia
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Italy
Found Year: 1361
Address: Strada Nuova, 65


The University of Pavia is one of the oldest universities in Europe. An edict issued by King Lotharius quotes a higher education institution in Pavia as already established in 825; the Studium generale was officially established by Emperor Charles IV in 1361.

Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) is only one of a large group of famous professors who taught at the University of Pavia, together with Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576), Antonio Scarpa (1752-1832) and Camillo Golgi (1843-1926) Nobel prize in Medicine in 1906.

Today Pavia is a Research University, offering a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching in Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Literature & Philosophy, Medicine & Surgery, Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Natural Science), Political Science and Musicology. The University offers Degree and Master Courses, Doctorates, Post-graduate Schools, Specialization Courses. Research is carried out in departments, institutes, clinics, centres, and laboratories in close association with public and private institutions, enterprises and companies.

The University of Pavia enjoys a strong tradition of international student and teacher exchanges: bilateral agreements involve, among others, the historical universities of Coimbra, and many universities in Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean area, the United States of America, China, Japan and many other countries.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Biomedical Laboratory Techniques
           Building Engineering And Architecture (Single-Cycle Degree Programme, 5 Years)
           Business Administration, Control And Corporate Finance
           Business Management
           Cardiovascular Physiopathology And Perfusion Techniques
           Civil And Environmental Engineering
           Classical And Ancient Near Eastern Studies
           Communication, Innovation And Multimedia
           Computer Engineering
           Dental Hygiene
           Developmental Neuropsychomotor Therapy
           Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering
           Environmental And Workplace Safety Techniques
           Environmental Engineering
           Geological Sciences
           Health Education
           Humanities And Cultural Heritage
           Industrial Engineering
           Legal Services
           Long Cycle 2Nd Level Degree Programmes
           Long Cycle 2Nd Level Degree Programmes (Single-Cycle Degree Programme, 5 Years)
           Mechatronic Engineering
           Medical Chemistry And Pharmaceutical Technologie
           Medical Radiology, Imaging And Radioterapy
           Modern Languages And Cultures
           Modern Letters
           Natural Sciences And Technology
           Occupational Therapy
           Orthoptics And Ophthalmology
           Political Science And International Relations
           Psychiatric Rehabilitation
           Psychological Science (Admission Exam)
           Sports Science
           Territorial And Environmental Engineering (Pavia And Mantova)
Graduate Programs
           African And Asian Studies
           Ancient To Contemporary Art History
           Applied Geological Science
           Archival, Documentary And Library Science
           Building Engineering And Architechture (Italian-Chinese Curriculum, Second-Cycle Degree Programme, 2 Years)
           Business Administration And Law
           Business Management
           Civil Engineering
           Computer Engineering
           Dentistry And Dental Prosthesis (Single-Cycle Degree Programme, 5 Years)
           Economics, Finance And International Integration
           Electrical Engineering
           Electronics Engineering
           Environmental Engineering
           European And American Literature
           European History
           European History (In Collaboration With The Faculty Of Political Science)
           Experimental Applied Biology
           Government And Public Policies
           International Business And Economics (Second-Cycle Degree Programme, 2 Years)
           International Economics, Politics And Institution
           Joint European Master In Environmental Process Control Engineering (Second-Cycle Degree Programme, 2 Years)
           Medical And Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies
           Medicine And Surgery (Single-Cycle Degree Programme, 6 Years)
           Medicine And Surgery (Single-Cycle Degree Programme, 6 Years)
           Modern Philology. Literature, Theatre And Cinema Studies
           Molecular Biology And Genetics (Second-Cycle Degree Programme, 2 Years)
           Natural Sciences
           Nursing And Obstetric Sciences
           Philology, Literature And History Of The Ancient World
           Political Theory
           Preventive And Adapted Sports Science And Techniques
           Professional Communication And Multimedia Studies
           Psychology (Admission Exam)
           Sports Science And Techniques (Based In Voghera)
           Technical Diagnostician Health Care Professions
           Technical Health Care Professions
           Theoretical And Applied Linguistics

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