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University of Siena
English Name: University of Siena
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Italy
Found Year: 1240
Address: Banchi di Sotto, 55

The University of Siena is an internationally significant research university with undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and professional programmes of the highest quality.

Where we are
Siena is located in central Italy - between Florence and Rome - in the heart of Tuscany’s rolling hills and breathtaking landscapes. Tuscany is the cradle of Italian art and language: a famous land of great culture and civilisation, with an extraordinary natural environment and an outstanding gastronomic tradition.

An ancient history
The University of Siena is one of the oldest universities in Europe, having been founded in 1240.
The history of the University of Siena has evolved alongside Tuscany’s cultural tradition since the Middle Ages. The city’s university has grown constantly, especially in the twentieth century, passing from four hundred students enrolled between the two World Wars to over twenty thousand students in recent years.
Over the years it has expanded to comprise the current 15 Departments . The University of Siena boasts 58 Research centres, 29 Interuniversity centres, a network of 6 museums, a Language Centre and a Library System covering all of the subject areas.

A strong international mission
Over the years the University of Siena has enhanced its strategy for internationalisation, aiming to attract students and researchers from all parts of the world. Some of our degrees are taught partially or entirely in English and double degree agreements have been set up.

Bachelor (First Cycle) Degree held in English:
- Economics and Banking

Master’s (Second Cycle) Degrees held in English:
- Finance
- Economics
- Management and Governance
- Medical Biotechnologies
- Chemistry
- Computer and Automation Engineering
- Electronics and Communication Engineering
- Language and mind: linguistics and cognitive studies
- International Studies

Degree programmes
The University of Siena offers Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, Long Single Cycle Degrees  and a large number of Doctoral Programmes and Post-graduate courses.
The teaching and research activities cover a wide range of topics: Biotechnologies, Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Political Science.

Promoting sustainability
The University of Siena intends to be a leading promoter of sustainability
- through its courses research, training and consulting for businesses and institutions, promoting a trans-disciplinary approach to sustainability and its challenges
- supporting a student environmental network <>
coordinating MED Solutions <>, the Regional hub for the Mediterranean of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

           Accounting And Management
           Administrative, Economic And Corporate
           Anthropology And Image Language
           Applied Geology And Geological Technology
           Art History
           Art History
           Biodiversity And Nature Protection
           Biological Health
           Biological Molecules And Cells
           Biological Sciences
           Biomedical Technology
           Chemical And Medical Drug Technology
           Chemical Science
           Course Management And Control Management
           Cultural Exchanges To Convey Corporate Language
           Data Engineering
           Data Engineering And Information
           Dental Care
           Dentistry And Dentures
           Diagnostic Techniques For Medical Imaging And Radiation Therapy
           Ear Hearing Aid Material Technology
           Economic And Regional Development
           Economics And Business
           Economy And Banks Science
           Economy And International Financial Management
           Ecotoxicology And Environmental Stability
           Electronic Engineering And Telecommunications
           Engineering Management
           Engineering Management
           Environment And Economic Development
           Environment And Natural Science
           European Research
           Fine And Performing Arts
           Foreign Literature
           Geological Sciences
           Heart Blood Circulation And Blood Perfusion Physiotherapy Techniques
           History - Politics
           Injury Prevention Skills Working Environment
           International And Diplomatic Science,
           International Development And Cooperation
           International Studies
           Language And Culture
           Linguistics And Literary History
           Linguistics And Persuasive
           Literature, Art And Performances
           Medical Biotechnology
           Medical Care
           Medicare Drug
           Medicine And Surgery
           Modern Literature
           Multimedia Show
           Nursing And Obstetrics
           Original And Theory
           Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
           Philosophy, History, And Social Sciences
           Physical Therapy
           Physics And High Tech
           Political - Administrative Management
           Professional Health Care Rehabilitation Science
           Science And Applied Geology
           Science Education And Cultivation
           Scientific Accomplishment And Organize Teaching Consultant
           Social Research
           Social System To Convey
           Social Welfare Science
           Speech Therapy
           Statistical Science Sample Survey
           Vision Training And Eye Treatment
           Vocational And Trade Union Relations Consultant

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