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University of Valencia
English Name: University of Valencia
Region: Southern Europe
Country/Region: Spain
Found Year: 1499
Address: Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 13

Founded more than five centuries ago, nowadays is a modern international university, leading research in Spain and offering teaching in every area of knowledge: experimental sciences; engineering; health sciences; humanities; social, economic and legal sciences; and educational sciences.

On our campuses (Blasco Ibáñez, Burjassot-Paterna and Tarongers), over 3,600 teachers and researchers carry out their work, aided by over 1,700 administration and services staff.

We hope that you will help us in our effort to build a better society, which is fairer and more developed, sustainable and advanced, promoting an effective equality between men and women and providing citizens with a better quality of life.

Our shared objectives for the near future:

To be leaders in education, offering a wide range of degrees, and a pioneer in new postgraduate studies.

Excellency in providing teaching, research and cultural diffusion services to society.

Emphasis on the achievement of results in internationalization, employability and knowledge transfer.

A firm commitment to the quality of our students’ education and the development and well-being of the Valencian society.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:44736
           International Students:1254(3%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Business Administration and Management + Law
           Degree in Administration and Business Management
           Degree in Audiovisual Communication
           Degree in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciencies
           Degree in Biology
           Degree in Biotechnology
           Degree in Catalan Studies
           Degree in Chemical Engineering
           Degree in Chemistry
           Degree in Classical Philology
           Degree in Computer Engineering
           Degree in Criminology
           Degree in Dentistry
           Degree in Economics
           Degree in English Studies
           Degree in Environmental Sciences
           Degree in Finance and Accounting
           Degree in Food Science and Technology
           Degree in Geography and the  Environment
           Degree in Hispanic Studies
           Degree in History
           Degree in History of  Art
           Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
           Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering
           Degree in Information and Documentation
           Degree in International Business
           Degree in Journalism
           Degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources
           Degree in Law
           Degree in Mathematics
           Degree in Medicine
           Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures
           Degree in Multimedia Engineering
           Degree in Nursing
           Degree in Optics and Optometry
           Degree in Pedagogy
           Degree in Pharmacy
           Degree in Philosophy
           Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
           Degree in Physics
           Degree in Physiotherapy
           Degree in Podiatry
           Degree in Political Sciences and Administration
           Degree in Preschool Education
           Degree in Primary School Education
           Degree in Psychology
           Degree in Social Education
           Degree in Social Work
           Degree in Sociology
           Degree in Speech Therapy
           Degree in Telecommunications Electronic Engineering
           Degree in Telematics Engineering
           Degree in Tourism
           Degree in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation
           Law + Criminology
           Law + Political Sciences and Public Administration
           Sociology + Political Sciences and Public Administration
           Telematics Engineering + Telecommunications Electronic Engineering
Master's Degree Programs
           International Masters in Migration
           Masters Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
           Masters in Accounting, Auditing and Management Control
           Masters in Actuarial and Financial Sciences
           Masters in Advanced Computing and Intelligent Systems
           Masters in Advanced Optometry and Vision Sciences
           Masters in Advanced Physics
           Masters in Advanced Sciences of  Modern Telecommunications
           Masters in Aquaculture
           Masters in Archaeology
           Masters in Audiovisual Contents and Formats
           Masters in Banking and Quantitative Finance
           Masters in Basic and Applied Neurosciences
           Masters in Biodiversity: Conservation and Evolution
           Masters in Biomedical Engineering
           Masters in Biomedical Research
           Masters in Biostatistics
           Masters in Biotechnology of  Assisted Human Reproduction
           Masters in Business Management. MBA
           Masters in Business Process Planning and Management
           Masters in Business Strategy
           Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience and Special Education Needs
           Masters in Contemporary History
           Masters in Contemporary Philosophical Thought
           Masters in Corporate Law
           Masters in Creating and Managing Innovative, Technology-Based Companies
           Masters in Creative and Humanistic Translation
           Masters in Cultural Heritage: Identification, Analysis and Management
           Masters in Cultural Management
           Masters in Dental Sciences
           Masters in Development Aid
           Masters in Development, Institutions and Economic Integration
           Masters in Developments in Research and Treatment in Psychopathology and Health
           Masters in Drug Dependence: Research, Treatment and Drug Pathologies
           Masters in Economic Globalisation: Intervention and International Trade
           Masters in Electronic Engineering
           Masters in Employment and Intervention in the  Labour Market
           Masters in Environmental and Territorial Management Techniques
           Masters in Environmental Engineering
           Masters in Environmental Pollution and Toxicology
           Masters in Ethics and Democracy
           Masters in Experimental and Industrial Organic Chemistry
           Masters in Food Quality and Safety
           Masters in Gender and Equality Policies
           Masters in Hispanic History and Identities in the  Western Mediterranean (15Th To 19Th C.)
           Masters in Hispanic Studies: Applications and Research
           Masters in History of  Art and Visual Culture
           Masters in History of  Science and Scientific Communication
           Masters in Human Resources Management
           Masters in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice
           Masters in Human Rights, Peace and Sustainable Development
           Masters in Industrial Economics
           Masters in Interculturalism and Communication Policies in the  Information Society
           Masters in International and European Studies
           Masters in International Business Management
           Masters in Language and Literary Consultancy: Applications in the  Valencian Context
           Masters in Language and Literature Research
           Masters in Law Practice
           Masters in Law, Business and Justice
           Masters in Management and Promotion of  Local Development
           Masters in Marketing and Marketing Research
           Masters in Mathematical Research
           Masters in Medical Physics
           Masters in Medieval Studies: the  Crown of  Aragon
           Masters in Molecular Approaches in Health Sciences
           Masters in Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
           Masters in Molecular, Cellular and Genetic Biology
           Masters in Occupational Health and Safety
           Masters in Oncology Nursing
           Masters in Performance Analysis of  Sport
           Masters in Perinatal and Child Psychology and Psychopathology
           Masters in Physical Activity and Sport-Related Organisation and Facility Management
           Masters in Physiology
           Masters in Physiotherapy in the  Aging Process: Social and Health Care Strategies
           Masters in Policies, Administration and Management of  Educational Organisations
           Masters in Psychogerontology
           Masters in Psychological Intervention in the  Social Environment
           Masters in Psychology of  Education and Human Development in Multicultural Contexts
           Masters in Psychology of  Work, Organisations and Human Resources
           Masters in Psychology of  Work, Organisations and Human Resources (Erasmus Mundus)
           Masters in Psychopedagogy
           Masters in Quality Management
           Masters in Remote Sensing
           Masters in Research and Intervention in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
           Masters in Research in and Rational Use of  Medicines
           Masters in Research in Specific Didactics
           Masters in Science and Technology of  Colloids and Interfaces
           Masters in Secondary Education Teaching
           Masters in Social and Health Care in Dependency
           Masters in Social Economics (Cooperatives and Non-Profit Organisations)
           Masters in Social Welfare: Individual, Family and Group Intervention
           Masters in Sociology and Anthropology of  Public Policy
           Masters in Special Education
           Masters in Sustainable Chemistry
           Masters in Systems and Services in the  Information Society
           Masters in Telecommunications Engineering
           Masters in Text Reading and Comprehension
           Masters in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (Erasmus Mundus)
           Masters in Tourism Management and Planning
           Masters in Tropical Parasitic Diseases
           Masters Public and Administrative Law

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