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Victoria University of Wellington
English Name: Victoria University of Wellington
Region: Oceania
Country/Region: New Zealand
Found Year: 1897
Address: P O Box 600

Established in 1897, Victoria University of Wellington is New Zealand’s top ranked university for intensity of high-quality research (in the 2018 national Performance-Based Research Fund).

As a capital city university, Wellington has strong links with government departments and agencies, international agencies, industries, regional and local government, indigenous and environmental organisations, as well as some of New Zealand’s major research institutes.

The ‘civic university’ tradition on which the University was founded has been reinvigorated in recent years with the global outlook of a modern capital city, redefining Wellington as a global-civic university. As such, Wellington is committed to civil society and global citizenship and to preparing critically and culturally informed, globally confident, and civic minded graduates.

Wellington’s city-wide campus has three main sites—the Pipitea campus is home to the Wellington School of Business and Government and the Faculty of Law. The Kelburn campus is the University’s support and administrative centre, heart of the first-year experience at the University, and home to the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Engineering, Education and Health. The Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation is housed at the Te Aro campus.

The University hosts more than 40 research centres conducting world-leading research in areas ranging from climate change and carbohydrate chemistry to engineering and applied physics. In addition it is home to the Adam Art Gallery - Te Pātaka Toi, which presents a year-round programme of exhibitions, events and publications, the International Institute of Modern Letters, which hosts the University’s Creative Writing programme and has seen many of its alumni establish successful writing careers, and the New Zealand School of Music, the country’s preeminent tertiary institution for music study.

Wellington University has over 100 active global partnerships and about half of the University’s 1100 academic staff are from overseas. The University’s alumni network numbers more than 120,000 and are located in over 100 countries.

There are more than 22,000 students studying at Wellington who have access to outstanding facilities and services and a globally recognised faculty, along with 140 student exchange partnerships, 180 different clubs and a robust leadership programme. The University is focused on producing graduates whose learning has been developed inside and outside of the classroom, experientially, and informed by a global perspective.

The city of Wellington sits on a stunning natural harbour and is surrounded by lush green hills. It is the vibrant capital city of New Zealand, providing a bustling food scene, key political decision making and a cultural hub for the arts. Wellington regularly ranks as one of the most liveable cities in the world (Deutsche Bank Quality of Life Survey).  

Total Enrollment:14364
           International Students:2252(16%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:13773
           International Students:2069(15%)
Graduate Enrollment:591
           International Students:183(31%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Acute Medical Nursing (For Pgcertadvnurs)
           Advanced Instrumental Techniques (To )
           Advanced Materials
           Allied Mental Health (For Pgcerthealth)
           Applied Statistics
           Architectural Studies (For Ba Major)
           Art History
           Asian Languages
           Asian Studies
           Assessment, Treatment And Rehabilitation (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Bachelor Of Architecture Studies
           Biochemistry And Molecular Biology (To )
           Biomedical Science
           Botany (To )
           Brazilian Culture And Portuguese Language
           Bridging Education
           Building Science
           Building Science
           Cancer Nursing (For Pgcertadvnurs)
           Cardiac Rehabilitation (For Pgcerthealth)
           Cardiac/Cardiothoracic (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Cell & Molecular Bioscience
           Cell And Developmental Biology (To )
           Chemical Products And Processes
           Chemistry And Technology
           Classical Performance (From )
           Classical Studies
           Clinical Research
           Cognitive And Behavioural Neuroscience
           Commercial Law
           Community Health (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Computer Science
           Computer Systems Engineering
           Computing (For Ba Major)
           Conservation Biology
           Conservation Science (To )
           Cook Islands Māori (From . See Kuki And Raro)
           Cook Islands Māori (Only. See Cook And Raro)
           Creative Arts Therapy (For Pgcerthealth) (To )
           Creative Writing (From )
           Cross-Cultural Psychology
           Cultural Anthropology
           Curriculum Studies
           Deaf Studies
           Decision Sciences
           Design Innovation
           Development Studies
           Diploma In Public Administration
           Early Childhood Studies (For Ba Major)
           Earth Sciences
           Ecological Restoration
           Ecology (To )
           Ecology And Biodiversity
           Ecology And Health (To )
           Economic History
           Education And Psychology
           Education Maori Pasifika And Indigenous
           Education Policy & Implementation
           Education Postgraduate
           Education, Psychology & Pedagogy
           Electronic And Computer System Engineering
           Electronic And Computer Systems
           Electronic And Computer Systems Engineering
           Electronic Engineering
           Electronics And Instrumentation
           English As Second Language
           English Language (For Major)
           English Literature
           English Studies
           English, Film And Theatre (Pre )
           Environmental Studies
           European Studies
           Executive Development
           Facility Management (For Gdbm)
           Faculty Of Commerce And Administration Courses
           Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences Courses
           Financial Mathematics
           Foundation Studies (For Certfoundstud)
           Gender And Women’S Studies
           Genetics And Molecular Biology (To )
           Genetics/Biology (To )
           Geochemistry (To )
           Gerontology (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Health Postgraduate
           Heritage Materials Science
           History And Literature Of Music (To )
           History And Literature Of Western Music (From )
           Human Genetics
           Human Resource Management And Industrial Relations
           Indonesian Language (To )
           Industrial And Organisational Psychology (To )
           Industrial Design (Innovation)
           Industrial Relations (To )
           Information Science (To )
           Information Systems
           Information Technology
           Intensive Care (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Interdisciplinary Science (For Major)
           Interior Architecture
           Interior Architecture (For Major)
           International Business
           International MBA
           International Relations
           Internet Computing
           Internet Technology (To )
           Jazz Arranging
           Jazz Performance
           Landscape Architecture
           Library And Information Studies
           Linguistics/Applied Linguistics
           Literary Translation Studies
           Logic & Computation
           Management Science
           Management Studies
           Management Studies (For Cert Ms)
           Managerial Decision Making (To )
           Māori Business
           Māori Performing Arts And Culture (To )
           Māori Resource Management
           Māori Studies
           Marine Biology
           Marine Conservation
           Master Of Applied Finance
           Master Of Information Management
           Master Of Public Management (Executive)
           Master Of Strategic Studies
           Materials Science (To )
           Mathematical And Computing Sciences (To )
           Mathematics Education
           Maxillofacial Burns & Plastics (Pgcertadvnurs)
           MBA (Business Administration)
           Mca (Master Of Commerce And Administration)
           Media Design
           Media Studies
           Mental Health (For Pgcertadvnurs)
           Midwifery (Major)
           Modelling And Differential Equations
           Modern Languages
           Molecular Microbiology
           Molecular Pathology
           Molecular Pharmacology And Medicinal Chemistry
           Money And Finance
           Museum And Heritage Studies
           Music Composition
           Music Performance (To )
           Music Studies
           Neonatal Care (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Nephrology (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Network Engineering
           New Zealand Literature
           New Zealand Studies
           Operations Research
           Operations Research And Statistics
           Orthopaedics (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Pacific Studies
           Paediatrics (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Palliative Care (For Pgcertadvnurs)
           Perioperative (For Pgcertclinnurs)
           Petroleum Geology & Geochemistry
           Petroleum Geoscience
           Photographic Design (To )
           Physical Geography
           Physiology (To )
           Political Science
           Postgraduate Diploma In Business Administration (To )
           Postgraduate Diploma In Human Resource Management
           Postgraduate Diploma In Marketing
           Professional Accounting
           Project Management (For Gcbm)
           Project Management (For Gdbm)
           Public Administration (To )
           Public Management
           Public Policy
           Public Policy (For Mpp)
           Recreation And Leisure Studies For Ma And Ma(Applied)
           Rehabilitation Studies (To )
           Religious Studies
           Russian (To )
           Samoan Studies
           Science Education
           Science Subjects (For Ba Major)
           Second Language Education
           Second Language Education
           Social And Cultural Studies
           Social Policy
           Social Science Research
           Social Work (For Ma(Applied), Dipsocwk And Dipadvsocwk)
           Software Engineering
           Special Needs Resource Teaching
           Statistics And Operations Research (Hons)
           Stochastic Processes In Finance And Insurance
           Strategic Operations Management (To )
           Te Reo Māori
           Teaching Early Childhood
           Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages
           Teaching Practice
           Teaching Primary
           Teaching Primary And Secondary
           Teaching Secondary
           Text Technologies
           Textile Design
           Theatre And Film
           Theatre Courses (To )
           Tourism Management
           Trauma & Emergency
           Visual Communications Design
           Women’S Studies
Master's Degree Programs
           Master Of Applied Finance
           Master Of Architecture
           Master Of Arts
           Master Of Arts In Education
           Master Of Biomedical Science
           Master Of Building Science
           Master Of Business Administration
           Master Of Clinical Research
           Master Of Commerce & Administration
           Master Of Computer Science
           Master Of Conservation Biology
           Master Of Design
           Master Of Design Innovation
           Master Of Development Studies
           Master Of Education
           Master Of Educational Psychology
           Master Of Engineering
           Master Of Environmental Studies
           Master Of Geographical Information Science
           Master Of Health Care
           Master Of Information Management
           Master Of Information Studies
           Master Of Interior Architecture
           Master Of International Relations
           Master Of Landscape Architecture
           Master Of Laws
           Master Of Management Studies
           Master Of Marine Conservation
           Master Of Midwifery
           Master Of Museum & Heritage Studies
           Master Of Music
           Master Of Music Therapy
           Master Of Musical Arts
           Master Of Nursing
           Master Of Nursing Science
           Master Of Professional Accounting
           Master Of Public Management
           Master Of Public Policy
           Master Of Science
           Master Of Strategic Studies
           Master Of Theatre Arts
           Master Of Tourism Management
Doctoral Programs
           Doctor Of Musical Arts
           Phd - Architecture
           Phd - Commerce & Administration
           Phd - Design
           Phd - Education
           Phd - Engineering
           Phd - Humanities & Social Sciences
           Phd - Law
           Phd - Music
           Phd – Science

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