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Yamaguchi University
English Name: Yamaguchi University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: Japan
Found Year: 1815
Address: 1677-1 Yoshida

Brief Introduction

Yamaguchi University traces its origins back to Yamaguchi Kodo, a private school, founded by Ueda Hoyo, a feudal clansman of Choshu Province in the late Edo Period (1815).  It was established for the purpose of developing academics in Yamaguchi.  Since then, and through various educational reforms, this academic institution has held its place as the core for higher education in Yamaguchi, contributed to the cultivation of human resources in the region, and produced many graduates who are active internationally.

In 1949 it was reorganized to become a national university consisting of five faculties. Afterwards, in 1964 Yamaguchi Prefectural Medical College was merged into the university to form the School of Medicine. In 1978 the Faculty of Literature and Science was split into the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science. 2012 saw the establishment of the Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Throughout the years the university has expanded into a comprehensive university which boasts nine faculties and eight graduate schools. Most recently, the university launched the Faculty of Global and Science Studies in April 2015.

In order to keep up with increasing globalization in the world, evidenced by deepening economic interdependence internationally, rapidly developing information and communications technology, and increases in foreign travelers and residents, Yamaguchi University is now turning its efforts toward fostering globally competent human resources who understand global contexts and can adapt to different values and environments. Looking both to accept as many international students as possible and to provide our Japanese students an opportunity to study abroad and experience different cultures, the university boasts a variety of programs that cultivate global competence. These programs are supported by 144 overseas partner universities and institutions in 35 countries and territories, 6 overseas offices as of May 1, 2017.

The year 2015 marked the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Yamaguchi Kodo. As we continue into the future, we at Yamaguchi University will strive to carry on the legacy of our predecessors for another 200 years and take the university to even greater heights.


Total Enrollment:10622
           International Students:230(2%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:8946
           International Students:52(1%)
Graduate Enrollment:1676
           International Students:178(11%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Chemistry
           Applied Science
           Asian Language Studies
           Biological Science
           Chinese Language & Literature
           Civil And Environmental Engineering
           Commerce Teachers
           Earth Sciences
           Electrical And Electronic Engineering
           English Language And Literature
           European Languages And Literature
           Health Science
           Information And Science
           Information Science And Engineering
           Integrated Cultural Studies
           International Economics
           Japanese Language & Literature
           Law And Economics
           Linguistic Science
           Mathematical Sciences
           Mechanical Engineering
           Perceptual Sciences And Design Engineering
           Practical School Psychology
           Preschool And School Education
           Social Science
           Sustainable Environmental Engineering
           Tourism And Travel Industry Policy
Master's Degree Programs
           Applied Molecular Bioscience
           Business Administration (Business Administration)
           Business Administration (Medical Care And Welfare Service Management)
           Chinese Linguistics & Literature
           Civil Engineering
           Contemporary Social Analysis,And Archaeology/Aesthetics
           Earth Science
           Earth Sciences
           Economics (Public Administration)
           Electronic And Information System Engineering
           Electronic Materials And Devices Engineering
           English Linguistics & Literature
           Environmental Science And Engineering
           Environmental Science And Engineering
           German/French Linguistics & Literature
           Japanese Linguistics & Literature
           Laboratory Science
           Linguistics/Computational Linguistics
           Materials Chemistry
           Mathematical Science
           Mathematical Sciences
           Mechanical Engineering
           Natural Sciences And Mathematics
           Nursing And Laboratory Science
           Nursing Science
           Perceptual Sciences And Design Engineering
           Physics And Information Science
           Physics And Information Science
Doctoral Programs
           Applied Biological Science
           Applied Medical Engineering Science
           Applied Molecular Bioscience
           Bio-Signal Analysis
           Biomedical And Biomolecular Sciences
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biomolecular Engineering
           Clinical And Biomedical Information Science
           Clinical Neuroscience
           Computer Science And Design Engineering
           Environmental Science And Engineering
           Environmental, Humanity And Health System Science
           Epithelial Intelligent And Analytical Medicine Science
           Functional Molecular Biology
           Human Science
           Intelligent And Analytical Medical Sciences
           Materials Science And Engineering
           Medical Bioregulation
           Molecular Science And Applied Medicine
           Natural Sciences And Mathematics
           Organic Molecular Chemistry
           Radiological And Pathological Science
           Reproductive And Developmental Medicine
           Stress And Bio-Response Medicine
           Systems Design And Engineering

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